Year 10 - Education and Challenges in the Outdoors


This is an exciting one semester elective unit, with 5 periods per week, for all students who are interested in participating in activities in the outdoors.

Students will engage in challenging and fun activities including a 2 day HIKE/SURF camp in Lorne, 2 days of Sailing, initiative activities, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Canoeing, mountain bike riding, orienteering, geocaching and hiking, amongst other exciting activities. 

Students will learn about the risks, environmental impacts and equipment required for recreation and leisure use in our precious marine and land environments. What is learned in a theoretical setting will then be reinforced by visits, activities and excursions in the Geelong and Surf coast outdoor areas.

This is an awesome subject which will provide you with so much enjoyment and so many memories!



Appropriate clothing & footwear will be required for all practical experiences – A change of appropriate clothing is required for all practical classes. Where possible MFGSC PE uniform is to be worn.
No text book is required
MacBooks will be used in theory classes
A Folder with loose leaf & plastic pockets is recommended
Scissors & glue stick are handy pencil case items



There is a cost of $270 for the semester (This may be subject to change). This fee covers all activities/instructors/bus hire etc.
There is an expectation that each student must pay for and attend all camps as a part of meeting the outcomes of the course content.

Please note:

All students must complete a compulsory swimming test to assess their competency in aquatic environments. They will be required to swim 200m in under 8 minutes and tread water for 5 minutes.

Participation in all outdoor activities is expected.


IMAGE: Stand Up Paddle boarding at Eastern Beach – rated one of the best outdoor activities and you may even see wobbegong sharks.



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