Year 10 - Performing Arts

Ever seen GPAC or been to a professional theatre? Do you DREAM of performing on the same stage as professionals? Perhaps you want to work backstage doing lighting, sound or stage managing? Year 10 Drama Production is for those performers out there that really want to extend themselves. Be ready to experience what it’s like to be part of an ensemble performance process. Be ready to commit, succeed and be inspired!


This unit focuses on the development of expressive skills in voice, movement and gesture and the art of creating a student devised performance piece. This unit introduces students to a range of theatrical performance styles and a thorough exploration of the key dramatic elements as manipulated in performance through an understanding of the actor-audience relationship. Students will learn that Performing Arts requires a cohesive and cooperative environment in which they can demonstrate self discipline, self confidence and tolerance of others as they explore their own creativity.

This “Drama Production” will be created as part of the GPAC (Geelong Performing Arts Centre) Education program’s major festival called “TAKEOVER” which runs annually throughout first semester, in which students have the challenging and exciting experience of running and performing in their own performance in the Blakiston Theatre.

Semester two Drama Production will be performed in an alternate professional theatre such as The Potato Shed or Courthouse.


Student Devised Performance which includes the creation, development, refinement and realisation of an ensemble performance

Performance Analysis of a theatrical performance (could include dance, drama, circus) including a comprehensive critical examination of both the dramatic and stagecraft elements

Cost: The cost is covered by the annual College charge, however, there will be compulsory theatre excursions that will incur an extra charge.


-1 A4 journal OR an A4 display folder with loose leaf paper.






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