Year 12 - Drama Unit 3-4


Ready for a challenge? Ready to balance practical performance work with analysis? Ready to perform your own work? Ready to be rewarded? Year 12 Drama might be for you.

In Unit 3, students explore Ensemble Performance and focus on non naturalistic drama from a diverse range of traditions.  Performance styles and associated theatrical conventions are explored in the development of ensemble performance.  Analysis and evaluation of the process and product of the ensemble is included in the unit, as well as the evaluation of a non-naturalistic professional performance.

In Unit 4, students explore Solo Performance focussing on the use of performance styles, theatrical conventions and stimulus materials from a variety of cultural sources in the development of a solo performance.  The processes involved in the development of the solo work are also analysed and evaluated.



Unit 1:

Outcome 1- A non-naturalistic ensemble performance.

Outcome 2- A written analysis of your own performance work.

Outcome 3- A written analysis of a  non-naturalistic performance.

Unit 2:

Outcome 1- A mini solo performance.

Outcome 2- A 7 minute solo performance.

Outcome 3- A written analysis of your solo work.


Students need to complete both performance and written examinations to successfully pass this subject.



Students require the set textbook for the year.

Students will need to purchase a drama journal. They will need to use this for ideas, reflections and scriptwriting. It is expected that students will maintain the journal for the entire year.


Please note:

There are no prerequisites for entry to units 1, 2 and 3 however it is recommended that students do Drama 1 and 2 before Drama 3 and 4.  Students must undertake unit 3 prior to undertaking unit 4.

Students must attend at least one professional production a year. (Please note that a cost for multiple performance excursions will be involved.)


“ Sometimes you see professional theatre like ‘Exit the King’ with Geoffrey Rush!”