Year 9 - Textiles


In the AUSVELS Domain of Design, Creativity and Technology students create and design using Textiles materials and related tools and equipment. They use the Technology Process to undertake tasks using set criteria for modifying, recycling and altering, making individual items to create their own style that fit design briefs.



– Use set criteria to create the modification of a commercial pattern to create an item of clothing – pattern making For Example: a skirt

– Use of a variety of materials such as synthetic, blended and knitted fabrics in production work For example: a top

– Use an existing item of clothing and modify/recycle to fit another item of clothing

– Create a Textiles item for a particular audience and based on a theme. For example: The Scarf Festival – For example; a scarf

– Research Tasks: Recycling Textiles Materials and,

Australian Fashion Designers

– Evaluating and analysing production pieces using different formats

– Use of specialised machines



– Designs for production work

– Investigations and research

– Production of three pieces

– Evaluation/analysis of three production pieces



Why recycle and reuse Textiles?

How does our choice of materials impact on our designs?

What is style and how do we personalise style?



An A4 sketch book

General stationary

Fabric for production of Textiles items (to be advised by the teacher)

Digital Device


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