Year 12 - Chemistry Unit 3-4

If you enjoyed Chemistry 1-2 and would like to build on your skills and understanding of chemical reactions and analysis then this subject is for you. Through teaching, discussion, demonstration and practical work, the following topics are covered:
•    Chemical Analysis – a range of analytical techniques is considered. Students will learn how to decide the best approach for a particular situation, and the practical applications of each technique eg forensics, industry etc.

•    Organic Chemical Pathways – this involves a detailed study of the amazing chemistry of carbon compounds. We will use molecular models and experiments to consider important compounds including DNA and protein.

•     Industrial Chemistry – This section focuses on selecting the best conditions in order to get maximum yield from chemical reactions in industry. Eg. Why are temperature and pH often so important? Find out here.


A copy of the current text and a scientific calculator will be required. Note that graphics calculators are not allowed during assessments. Students will also need a folder with paper, plastic pockets etc.
All practical equipment will be supplied, including laboratory coat and safety glasses for practical work.


Please note:

There is some maths involved in this subject – students should be confident in using and manipulating equations.


“It helps you understand the world around you – you can actually relate it to real life scenarios” (2011 Year 12 student.)

“Be prepared to put in a lot of effort!” (2011 Year 12 Student)