Year 11 - Business Management Unit 1&2

Course Description


In studying VCE Business Management Units 1 and 2, students develop knowledge and skills that enhance their confidence and ability to participate effectively, as socially responsible and ethical members of the business community, and as informed citizens, consumers and investors.

VCE Business Management examines the ways in which people at various levels within a business organisation manage resources to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Students develop an understanding of the complexity, challenges and rewards that come from business management and gain an insight into the various ways resources can be managed in mostly small, medium organisations.


Unit 1

Small rather than large businesses make up the large majority of all businesses in the Australian

economy. It is the small business sector that provides a wide variety of goods and services for both consumers and industries, such as manufacturing, construction and retail. This, combined with employment opportunities, makes the small business sector a vital component in the success, growth and stability of Australia. Small businesses are tangible to students as they are visible and accessible in daily life. This unit provides an opportunity for students to explore the operations of a small business and its likelihood of success.


Unit 2

This unit focuses on the importance of effective communication in achieving business objectives.

Students investigate communication both internal and external to the business. They develop knowledge of aspects of business communication and are introduced to skills related to its effective use in different contexts. The vital functions of marketing and public relations are considered, with students developing an understanding of the important role these functions play in the ultimate success of a business.



A textbook will be set for Business Management.

A folder with loose-leaf paper is recommended.

MacBook will be required for class.

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