Year 10 - Conflict & Culture

How have Astro boy, The Avengers, Bollywood and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour helped to develop Australian culture? In this subject you will investigate turning points in Australia’s history and how these events, people and ideas have shaped Australian society. The study of History is an amazing opportunity for us all to pause and reflect on why we are the way we are and how we could be. Films, animation, music and television are all valuable resources to help us discover our past. From the conflict of the Pacific War and the battle along the Kokoda Track to anime, manga and the Indian film industry, you will gain an understanding of some of Australia’s influences. Skills in historical inquiry will be developed as you explore a range of sources such as film, music videos, art, first hand accounts, artefacts, stories, literature and oral history as well as other secondary sources.

The course will look at major areas of your national history:

World War II, which may include:

  • Kokoda Track
  • Australia’s alliance with the USA
  • Japanese attacks on Sydney and Darwin

Popular Culture, which may include:

  • Animation & Anime
  • Bollywood and the Australian film industry
  • Social commentary through film, television and music

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