Year 7 - Activ8


Activ8 is our name for Year 7 Health & Physical Education at Matthew Flinders.  The course provides students with an excellent opportunity to participate in a large range of exciting sports and activities including softball, soccer, dance, hockey, aquatics, and gymnastics. The program will help students develop new skills and improve the skills they already have.



Alongside our PE classes our Health lessons will ask the question “How can we save the Health of Gen Z?” As a member of GenZ the Year 7 student will discover the things that might impact their health, such as poor diet, smoking or a sedentary lifestyle and attempt to educate others about the dangers.


Health and PE provide students with ‘Learning for Life’. The skills and knowledge gained will benefit their wellbeing throughout their life. Some students may even be able to influence those around them to undertake some healthy changes.



In PE students will be assessed through their participation over a range of activities. The major assessment tasks will be a gymnastics performance and a soccer skills assessment.

In Health the assessment for semester 1 will be an ‘e-portfolio’ which is a digital record of topics undertaken during the semester. Semester 2 involves students in the ‘Great Health Debate: Good and Bad about Health.’ Students will research one side of a topic with a partner and present their argument to the class audience.



Students are required to wear correct PE uniform including runners for both winter and summer practical classes.

Please bring along your enthusiasm and a smile!

In Health class students will need a BYOD.
An A4 exercise book.
Scissors, glue, pens and pencils are also recommended.

IMAGE:  Students practicing their balances in gymnastics.


Possible pathway could lead into -

Health and Physical Education

COURSE DESCRIPTION In Physical Education classes, students will be given the opportunity to develop their skills and riding techniques in a Cycle On unit and develop skills and game…