Year 9 - 3D Art/Sculpture

Students in Year 9 at MFGSC may elect to take 3D Art/Sculpture for one semester. The course is designed and based on the Victorian Curriculum and is divided into four areas: Exploring and Express Ideas, Visual Arts Practices, Present and Perform and Respond and Interpret.
Students draw on their knowledge and understanding of Design Elements and Design Principles found in three dimensional Art to create their own three dimensional artworks/sculpture. Students create designs based on different sources of inspiration, through design development, and examining and analysing recognised artworks by established artists.

Students have the opportunity to use different materials such as timber, clay, metal, wire, and card and, assorted methods to make 3D artwork or sculptures using construction, casting, modeling, assemblage and carving techniques. Students generate design options from different sources of inspiration and use a variety of methods to create their design ideas.

Possible project work may include construction, jewellery making, clay modelling, metal casting, assemblage and carving sculpture.
Students research, examine and respond to the artwork of recognised artists and Art styles to develop understanding of how design elements, cultural, environmental and historical influences affect artists in their art making.



Students create, analyse and respond to works of three dimensional art



  • A4 Visual Arts Diary
  • Art shirt (optional but recommended)
  • Derwent Coloured Pencils
  • HB, 6B, 2B and 4B Grey lead pencils
  • Black Fine-Liner
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Ruler

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